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The Power of Freedom
At Neuros, everything we do is built on the Power of Freedom... but what does that mean to you?

Freedom means being able to enjoy your content when, where, and how you want to, with no hassles or added fees. You already paid once for your DVDs or cable or satellite subscriptions, you shouldn't have to pay again to watch the same content on your PC, iPod™, PSP™, smartphone, or other portable.

Freedom means unshackling yourself from your PC. You spend your workday in front of your computer. Wouldn't you rather enjoy your PC and Internet-based videos, music, and photos on your TV and stereo in the comfort of your living room?

Freedom means putting aside corporate bureaucracy to engage in an open and honest dialogue with all our users. Whether you're an average user who just wants powerful, easy-to-use products or you're the world's biggest geek, we depend on your input to help make our products great for everyone.

Finally, freedom means unleashing the creativity from our ever-expanding community of super-users and open source developers, the world's smartest and most passionate consumers, by publishing our source code and encouraging our community to work side-by-side with our internal development team. Mainstream users benefit because the community helps provide support for new devices and formats to protect against obsolescence and exciting new features (which are made available for free to everybody via downloadable software upgrades); our developers get their efforts recognized and included in official releases; and, of course, we get to provide an outstanding product and user experience.
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