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The Neuros Community

We are an open company. We make open products. We work tightly with our community of users and developers to make our products the best in the world. We want you to be a part of that community. You can help us make our products better. Give us feedback. Share your experiences. Grow with us. Want to participate in our product development? Sign up for the Neuros Technology Newsletter.
There are many ways for you to participate in the Neuros Community.
Neuros Forums Community-Owned For Developers
  • Not sure where to start? Try the forums!
  • You can discuss any topic, get help, and participate
  • Run by the Community and Neuros employees

Neuros Technology Newsletter
  • The Neuros Technology Newsletter is your place to stay in touch with Neuros, our products, and our events. We typically mail about once per month, and we never spam or give your email address out.

  • Our Community's Central Hub, often called OdNT ("Open dot Neuros Technology")
  • You can find articles and the blog of our CEO, Joe Born

  • A collaborative website of FAQs, tips, tricks, and how-to articles
  • The wiki is maintained by our Community, including developers and users like you!

Getting started developing the OSD.

  • Technical discussions regarding Neuros' products
  • Open to all developers and users interested in providing feedback and improving the product

  • Found a bug? Want to request a specific feature? Enter it in BugZilla

  • Our #neuros IRC channel is a live discussion of developer-focused topics
  • With participants across the world, it is active at almost every hour every day