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How will the Digital TV conversion affect the Neuros OSD?

What is the Digital TV (DTV) / Digital Over-The-Air conversion?

On February 17, 2009, all broadcast stations in the United States will stop broadcasting in analog format and only broadcast in digital format. If you live outside of the United States, this change will not affect you. Please see the table below for more information from external sources.


Will the Digital Over-The-Air conversion affect the Neuros OSD?

First, let’s look at what you are recording.

What are you recording? Will you be affected by the Digital TV conversion?
VHS tapesNo
Camcorder/home moviesNo
Video game output (e.g. Nintendo Wii)No
Cable TVNo - analog outputs from your cable TV box should remain functional
Satellite TVNo - analog outputs from your satellite TV receiver should remain functional
TiVo/DVR contentNo - analog outputs from your box should remain functional
TV from a VCRYes - see below
TV from a DVD playerYes - see below
TV straight from the wallYes - see below

Generally, those that are recording non-cable, non-satellite TV will be affected. Note that this group will be affected by the digital conversion regardless of whether they use the Neuros OSD or not. They account for less than 20% of households in the United States.


If I will be affected, what can I do to fix it?

Follow the table below for some hints.

What are you recording? TV type Suggested setup after 17-Feb-2009 Notes
TV straight from the wall - Digital TV with a built-in digital (HD) tuner
The US government offers $40 coupons to households for the purchase of an HD tuner to ease the digital conversion. Request yours today.
While your television has a tuner, you can use it as either input to your OSD or output from your OSD, not both. We recommend you use another TV as output from your OSD, or use an HD tuner or DVD player with built-in tuner.
TV straight from the wall - Analog TV
- Digital/HD TV with no built-in digital (HD) tuner
DVD player used as a tuner Any If your DVD player has a digital tuner, you are all set.
If not, you will need a DVD player with a digital tuner or an HD digital receiver.
VHS player used as a tuner for TV Any No VHS players that we have found will allow you to tune into digital signals.

Where can learn more about the conversion?

There are several websites that explain the conversion in great detail. Please see: