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The Neuros OSD - Digitally Store and Easily Access your DVDs and VHS tapes.

Put DVDs and video on your PSP and PSP Slim with the Neuros OSD

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Do you want you to put video on your PSP™ (PlayStation Portable) or PSP™ Slim? Unlock their multimedia potential with the Neuros OSD. With its beautiful 4 inch screen, the Sony PSP™ and PSP™ Slim are perfect companions for those who want to watch their favorite video on the go.

Instead of buying expensive, proprietary UMD movies, or going through lengthy conversions using your PC, you can simply make HD-quality digital recordings of your DVDs, VHS tapes or TV shows into the open MP4 video format. The Neuros OSD has settings specifically designed for direct playback on the PSP™.

Whether you want to catch up the latest episode of Heroes or Lost during your morning commute, or relive the Lord of The Rings during your six-hour flight, the Neuros OSD will be a perfect complement for your beloved Sony PSP™.

Neuros OSD and the PSP Slim
  • DVD Players
  • VCRs
  • TiVo®/DVRs
  • Satellite/Cable TV
  • Camcorders
  • Any RCA or S-Video Source
Directly to your PSP
Whenever you want on your PSP

Key Product Features
  • Copy your favorite DVD or VHS tapes from your DVD player, PlayStation™ 2 or 3, Xbox or other video game console, VCR, or PC.
  • Record live TV from any video source: Cable box, DVR (e.g. TiVo™), Satellite receiver, or VCR.
  • Videos are saved in standard MP4 format optimized for direct playback on the PSP™. Files are also compatible with many other portables, such as the iPod™, iPhone™, smartphones (e.g. Treos™ and Blackberrys™) and MP4 players.
  • Record content directly to the PSP™ using a USB cable or on Memory Stick Duo or Memory Stick PRO Duo cards.
  • Use the Neuros OSD USB or Ethernet port to save files onto USB external hard drives, NAS (networked attached storage), or networked PCs.
  • Schedule timed recordings of your favorite shows and movies.
  • Read the Neuros OSD product specifications, or buy one at the Neuros Technology Store.
Try Before you Buy
Here are some unedited video samples of the open-source movie Elephants Dream, recorded straight from the Neuros OSD. Copy them into either your Memory Stick's VIDEO folder or MP_ROOT\109MNV01 folder and give it a shot on your PSP™!

High quality (320x240, 1500kbps, 30fps)
Low quality (320x240, 768kbps, 30fps)

With the Neuros OSD, you can easily:
  • Watch your favorite DVDs and TV shows anytime, anywhere on the Sony PSP™.
  • Capture your video game highlights and e-mail them to your friends or opponents.
  • Play movies downloaded from the Internet on your TV.
  • And a lot more thanks to regular, FREE upgrades from Neuros helped by the Neuros Community.

Risk-free: 30 Day Money-back, no questions asked return policy when you order from the Neuros Technology Store.

Learn more:
  • Watch the video tutorial on using the Neuros OSD to put video onto your PSP™.
  • Read detailed directions on using the Neuros OSD to put video onto your PSP™.
  • Build your digital library of your DVDs and VHS tapes.
  • Play YouTube videos directly on your TV.
  • The Neuros OSD can do a lot more! Learn more about the product here.