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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record a film from video source AND watch youtube at the same time, with out stopping the recording?
You can. The OSD will not cancel your recording unless you choose to cancel it, yourself.
Can I record content off the hard drive of my TiVo or DVR with the Neuros OSD?
Yes. Connect your DVR/TiVo to the Neuros OSD with the included RCA cable (red, white and yellow), and play the content you wish to remove from your hard drive. Hit record on the Neuros OSD remote control, and the OSD will convert the file played from your DVR into a standard digital MP4 file that will be saved on a storage device of your choice.
Can I use the OSD to browse the web?
Turning your television into a general purpose web browser is not one of the goals of the OSD development team. Due to the lack of a mouse and keyboard, and the low resolution common to most televisions, TV's tend to make pretty bad web browsers.
How do I turn it off?
You may have noticed that the OSD does not have an on/off switch. If it is plugged in, it is turned on, and vice versa. However, there really is no downside to leaving it on ALL the time. The OSD draws little to no power when it is not being used and the heat generated by the OSD is negligible. If you are truly concerned about leaving it on, you can simply unplug it, but this really isn't necessary.
The volume and power buttons on my remote don't do anything, what gives?
The OSD remote is actually a universal remote, and those buttons can be programmed to control your TV. Here's a nice tutorial explaining how to do just that.
I have a hard drive connected to my OSD, can I copy files to it remotely?
This capability is not built into the OSD by default, but there is an easy 5-minute "hack" that will allow you to add this functionality. crweb has ported an ftp server that can be downloaded and run on the OSD. Follow the README for directions. You should then be able to use any ftp client to connect to your OSD and upload videos, pictures, music... whatever.

Note: work is actively being pursued to add windows file sharing capabilities to the OSD, so the above method will no longer be necessary.
Can I control the OSD WITHOUT the Remote?
At this time, there is no way to control the OSD without using the remote. Currently osdmain (the app that plays movies, music, shows the menu...) is one monolithic app that doesn't allow interaction from the outside. Once this barrier has been overcome people can start work on ways to interact with the OSD over the web. There have already been several successful attempts at running web servers on the OSD itself. Stay tuned for updates.
Can the Neuros OSD play songs stored on my iPod?
You will be able to play only DRM-free songs. This excludes most songs purchased through iTunes, but includes most songs purchased through DRM-free sites, such as Amazon Unbox.
Can I save the content recorded with the OSD on a DVD?
Absolutely, once in the digital format, video can be edited and even changed to a different format like MPEG2 (this step requires a PC). Once in the MPEG2 format files can be burned on a DVD. Note that saving a file on a hard drive make it easier to manipulate and access the content than if it was stored on a DVD.
How can I edit the files that I've recorded with the OSD?
We recommend Free Video Dub. It is free and it allows you to cut sections and edit files without having to re-encode. This means that you can preserve the original quality of the file.
How do I edit the MP4 files in Sony Vegas?
If Sony Vegas does not accept your MP4 files, you will need the K-Light Codec pack. When installing, use the standard install.

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