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Networking and wireless - Neuros OSD Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record to and play from my Windows PC?
To connect to your PC, please follow the instructions here.
How do I record to and play from my Mac?
Sharing files with your Mac is straightforward. Please follow the instructions here.
Is the OSD network ready?
Yes, the OSD can be hooked up to a home or office network and interact with devices on that network. You can record to and playback content from NAS devices, or even a PC connected to your network.
What devices can I record to other than memory cards?
You can record to micro drives, USB thumb drives, external hard drives, to the PSP, iPod video (among many USB storage/portable media devices) and PCs (network required).
Can my OSD record and play back over WiFi, wirelessly?
When you plug the Neuros OSD's LAN port to a wireless bridge, you give it the ability to share files over your wireless network.

We recommend the Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Game Adapter. First, follow the instructions on the included CD to set this device up with your PC or Mac for your home network. Then, plug your Neuros OSD into the device and you should be up and running in no time.

Because of interference with everyday household objects (microwaves, cordless phones, garage doors, etc.), recording and playing back over a wireless network may be choppy at times. If you wish to record over your home network, we recommend that you do so over a wired Ethernet connection and not a wireless one.
I have a hard drive connected to my OSD, can I copy files to it remotely?
This capability is not built into the OSD by default, but there is an easy 5-minute "hack" that will allow you to add this functionality. crweb has ported an ftp server that can be downloaded and run on the OSD. Follow the README for directions. You should then be able to use any ftp client to connect to your OSD and upload videos, pictures, music... whatever.

Note: work is actively being pursued to add windows file sharing capabilities to the OSD, so the above method will no longer be necessary.

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