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The Neuros OSD - Digitally Store and Easily Access your DVDs, VHS tapes and Video media

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One Device to Archive, Organize,
and Easily Play All of Your DVDs,
VHS, and Video media

Digitally store
any video content - DVDs,
VHS tapes, home videos, etc.

Eliminate bulky, disorganized cases
and put your video at your fingertips

Enjoy at home or transfer to
portable devices for
on-the-go entertainment

Neuros OSD
The Neuros OSD connects to your TV or home theater system and allows you to archive all of your DVD and video content.

Plug the Neuros OSD into your TV, connect your DVD Player or VCR, and hit play. Your movie will be safely and legally transferred into a digital library! It works with home movies too. Just plug your video camera into the OSD, push play, and your memories are digitized.

With the Neuros OSD, you can store hundreds of hours of video in one location (like an external hard drive), get rid of those bulky cases, put an end to DVD damage, and instantly access any of your videos with the push of a button on a remote. You can even transfer your video content to a portable device (video iPod, PSP, mobile phone, etc.) to watch on the go, or email your home movies to friends and family.

A diagram of how the Neuros OSD connects to your VCR, DVD player, or camcorder, and allows you to record video and play back onto your TV or portable devices
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