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The Neuros OSD - Digitally Store and Easily Access your DVDs, VHS tapes and Video media

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One Device to Archive, Organize,
and Easily Play All of Your DVDs,
VHS, and Video media

Digitally store
any video content - DVDs,
VHS tapes, home videos, etc.

Eliminate bulky, disorganized cases
and put your video at your fingertips

Enjoy at home or transfer to
portable devices for
on-the-go entertainment

Neuros OSD
How does it work?
Record Anything.  Store Anywhere.  Play Everywhere.
  1. Connect the Neuros OSD to your DVD player, VCR, or video camera
  2. Plug your storage into Neuros OSD. Storage includes USB flash drive, external hard drive, and memory cards
  3. Hit play on the DVD/video player
  4. Hit record on the Neuros OSD
  5. The DVD/video will record to your storage in real time. Once your video content is archived, it appears in a menu on your OSD
  6. Play back your video anytime on your TV, PC or laptop, or your portable video player
Watch how to record and play back video
Download full video here.

Read technical specifications and Frequently Asked Questions of the Neuros OSD.
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