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The Neuros OSD - Digitally Store and Easily Access your DVDs, VHS tapes and Video media

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One Device to Archive, Organize,
and Easily Play All of Your DVDs,
VHS, and Video media

Digitally store
any video content - DVDs,
VHS tapes, home videos, etc.

Eliminate bulky, disorganized cases
and put your video at your fingertips

Enjoy at home or transfer to
portable devices for
on-the-go entertainment

Neuros OSD
PC Magazine
"Great technology solves problems, and the Neuros OSD solves a bunch of them... think of the OSD as the bridge among all your entertainment systems..."
The Inquirer
"I have been playing with the [Neuros OSD] for over six months, and watched the unit turn, thanks to firmware updates, from "promising alpha" into almost a work of art."
     - Fernando Cassia
"Neuros OSD: a set-top box that treats you like an owner... The Neuros OSD isn't just a radically open set-top box -- it's also a radically empowering hunk of technology... I love my OSD"
     - Cory Doctorow
Popular Mechanics
"King of All Media: The Neuros OSD is a digital media fixer..."
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