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Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 for the iPod Video, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and iPhone

“VIDEO Wired Tools 2005”

“I was stunned… the video…looked amazing on my iPod…the picture is on par with every video I've downloaded from iTunes.” GameZone

"...the fastest, easiest way to make legal iPod or PSP-compatible recordings from DVDs or most other video sources." Mac World

“the…videos look very similar to the ones Apple is selling... one of the lower-cost iPod-ready recording options we have seen" iLounge

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Product Overview

Do you really want to spend a buck ninety nine on iTunes for the latest episode of Lost or 24? Why not record it yourself for free? And what about full length movies? Why pay $14.99 when you can record it from TV or a DVD you already own? Meet the Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2. It's the ultimate video iPod accessory.

Don't spend hours tying up your computer trying to capture and then compress video into fussy formats. Neuros Video Recorder is the easier way. Just record videos on memory cards (SD, MMC, CF, Memory Sticks) in the standard MP4 format optimized for your iPod. Once recorded, all you have to do is transfer the videos to iTunes’s playlist on your PC, update your iPod and enjoy the show! You can even watch digital movies you've downloaded from the internet on your TV.

Key Product Features

• Setup and works like a VCR, no PC required!

• Copy your favorite DVD from your DVD player, PS2 or other video game console, and record live TV from any video source: Cable box, DVR (like TiVo™), Satellite receiver box or VCR.

• Videos are saved in standard MP4 format optimized for direct playback on the video iPod. Files are also compatible with many other handhelds like the PSP.

• QVGA Recording resolution optimized for the iPod with 4 quality settings (Economy, Normal, Fine and Superfine).

• Download MP4 movies from the internet and watch them on your TV. (The Recorder 2 PLUS supports dvd-quality playback of MPEG-4, DIVX, ASF and AVI files.)

• Timed recording option: schedule a recording for a late night show or the morning news

• 2 memory card slots for Memory Stick Duo and Pro Duo, SD, MMC and Compact Flash Cards (also accepts Microdrives)

Try Before you buy
Video Samples for the PSP:

QVGA: iPod resolution
(Fine & Superfine: Similar to iTunes video quality)

Click here for more on how to use these.

With the Recorder 2 PLUS, you can easily:

• Convert your favorite DVDs and record live TV, movies and TV shows for direct playback on the iPod.

• Watch your favorite TV shows and movies anytime…anywhere.

• Play movies downloaded from the internet on your TV.

• Digitize your home movies.

• Show off photos from your latest party or roadtrip with a slide show on any TV.

• Take the Recorder 2 PLUS with you, due to its compact size- (4.6 inches x 3.42 x .71 inches. 4.9 oz. - A little bigger than an iPod™)

Risk-free: 30 Day Money-back, no questions asked return policy!