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Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 Reviews | Awards

The experts have spoken:
The verdict on the Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2...

“9.8 out of 10…I'd highly recommend you pick one of these up…Good job Neuros. An excellent product that's well worth the cash.”

“ PSP played back the video without a problem - the quality was great too, very impressive!...Many props to Neuros for this kick-ass device!”

“9.3…Simple, convenient video recording in PSP format…Overall, a nice interface, simple hookup, and the ability to access your movies, photos, and music from your TV. A great addition for any PSP owner that does a lot of video recording.”

“It's the easiest way I've found yet to get video into the PSP…If you have a PSP, travel a lot, or like to watch your stuff on other people's TVs, you'll like the Recorder 2.
-Eric Gwinn,
Chicago Tribune

"I tried out the impressive Neuros Recorder with my new video iPod...The sleek Recorder, which also can be used to copy music and photographs, works like a dream..."
-Howard Wolinsky,
Chicago Sun-times

“9/10…If you have a PSP, it's a must-have gadget!... The Neuros Recorder 2 is the ultimate hassle-free mobile multimedia creator!"
-Eugenia Loli-Queru,

“9/10…A perfect tool for your PSP or other portable device.”

“Folks I am in love, this is a product that has astounded me…Not only does it record but it will also PLAY videos. I am going to be bragging this unit up for quite some time.”

“With this unit, it is now possible to record directly to MPEG-4! There have been other devices with this ability, but none so streamlined, flexible, and cost effective!”

“This video recorder is probably the easiest way to convert analog video to an MPEG4 file..."

"A no-frills PVR that's great for getting movies and TV shows onto your PSP or iPod..."
-Tony Smith,

"The video looked great on the PSP’s screen"

"...this is the best thing since sliced bread for a video iPod owner..."
O'Grady's Powerpage

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